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We have a few past customers happy to sell their pillow as they no longer need it. Drop us an email and we’ll pair you up. (Please note, the transaction will be between yourself and the seller, Mumanu holds no responsibility for this purchase)

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Mumanu is the only side sleeper pillow that correctly aligns the hip, pelvis and spine to prevent and relieve low back pain and hip pain. Ideal whether you’re pregnant or not, the Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow is ideal for everyone. This self-inflating pillow gives you the perfect fit, it’s easy to travel with and is exceedingly versatile.Read more >>

Relieve low back pain and hip pain naturally day and night with the Original Mumanu Pregnancy Pillow. So far we’ve discovered it’s great forlying down in bed, sitting in the car or at your desk, even relaxing in the evening or doing yoga. The Mumanu will help keep your posture correct and relaxed with the minimum of effort. Originally intended as a pregnancy pillow, we quickly discovered that everyone benefits from this fabulous product.

Designed by a pregnancy massage specialist here in New Zealand, and the only pillow endorsed BirthWorks International, the Mumanu is the best pregnancy pillow / low back pain pillow on the market.
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* We do not recommend lying on your front or back during pregnancy for the comfort and safety of you and your unborn baby.